Four Reasons why iOS is the Future Platform for Law Enforcement

cop with iphone

A Redlands Police Officer using an iPhone on duty.

I was visiting the vendor expo during the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Orlando the other week when I noticed that just about every company offering cutting-edge solutions was providing them on an iPad or iPhone. There were still large companies with many years of law enforcement experience under their belts using Windows, but the flexible, more nimble vendors were giving a loud and clear message that iOS is the winner for Police Officer technology.

IOS is the way of the future for Law Enforcement. Need convincing? See our four reasons below.

1) IOS is the most secure platform available for law enforcement. At that same conference, I stopped by a booth of hackers who claimed that they could hack into anyone’s smartphones or mobile devices to gain evidence for use by law enforcement. I asked about the security of the various platforms available and asked what was the hardest thing for them to hack.
“The newest iPhone, hands down,” they replied, and explained that all of the iOS system is extremely secure, while Android has a lot of holes in their security. While that poses difficulties to officers looking to glean evidence from suspects, it also works the other way to protect law enforcement from prying eyes. In the newest CJIS security guidelines for Law Enforcement, CJIS Policy v5.3 states, “The risks associated with uncontrolled app installation is several orders of magnitude greater on Android based devices.” This means that all the secure data used by officers will remain in the hands of the good guys.

Apple also personally vets everything that is allowed on the apple app store. Not only will officers utilize less buggy-apps, but their iPads or iPhones will have a significantly reduced chance of viruses that could compromise your officer’s confidential information.

2) IOS is by large and far the most reliable system available. With iOS working the same on all Apple products, officers can go to work every day knowing that their software will work the same every time. A recent study by smashingmagazine ( found that on average, 23% of apps behave different on Android devices when a new version is installed and over 50% of Android OS updates introduced problems that made apps fail in testing. When the smashingmagazine team tested 5 Android apps randomly, they failed 68% of the time. Officers have enough to deal with on the job, defective software shouldn’t be added to the list.

3) It’s easy to use. iOS has the most intuitive design on the market according to wired magazine,, and others. Apple has always been known for it’s simple clear design, and officers find it an easy to learn platform.

4) You can use it anytime, anywhere. What if an officer is writing a report or conducting an investigation in an area without any service? With an iPad or iPhone, an officer can perform all aspects of their job knowing that their information will sync with their RMS as soon as there is connectivity. This store-forward capability allows one to work effectively in the field without losing any valuable data.

So there you have it, our top four reasons why iOS reigns supreme for Law Enforcement. What’s your opinion?

(photo at top from apple website (Redlands PD))